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    the myth series

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    the myth series

    Post by romez 4 on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:44 pm

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Hu Ge as Yi Xiao Chuan / General Meng Yi / Yi Da Chuan
    Bai Bing as Princess Yu Shu
    Zhang Shi as Gao Yao / Zhao Gao
    Zhang Meng as Gao Qin / Yu Ji / Xiao Yue
    Tan Kai as Xiang Yu
    Jin Sha as Lu Su
    Zhang Wei as Gao Jian Li
    Chen Zi Han as Lu Zhi
    Yi Zhen as General Jin
    Ding Zi Jun as Meng Tian
    Li Yi Siang as Liu Bang

    Screenwriter: Li Hai Su
    Producer: Jackie Chan
    Director: Jeffrey Chiang
    (I can't find a synopsis for this, but since this is based on Jackie Chan's The Myth, I'll put synopsis from the movie here to get the idea what the drama will be like. Oh yeah, the producer of this drama is Jackie Chan himself!)

    Jackie Chan takes on dual roles in his latest action spectacular, The Myth. Chan plays Jack, a modern day archeologist who is recruited by his old friend William (Tony Leung Ka Fai) to investigate some mysterious levitation activities at an ancient Indian shrine.

    Meanwhile, Jack is having vivid dreams that he is General Meng Yi, a high-ranking officer during the Qing Dynasty. After saving the life of beautiful Korean Princess Ok Soo (Kim Hee Sun), Meng Yi must safely guide her through the treacherous countryside to the safety of the royal palace.

    When Jack discovers Ok Soo's portrait inside the Indian tomb he begins to suspect that his dreams might be true, and that he could in fact be a reincarnation of Meng Yi! Written and directed by Stanley Tong (Police Story 3, China Strike Force), The Myth is both a goofy action caper, but also a serious period epic, mixing comedy and drama to create an ambitious an entertaining adventure.

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